Monday, June 17, 2013

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Well, I found out the genders of my fish. They are as follows ...

the black moor

the orange fantail

the broadtail

the white ranchu 

the white and orange nymph

How's that? out of 5 fish, I have only one female. At one stage, recently, I had Voodoo, Astral, Saffron and Opus all in my 220L tank together. Then it became apparent that some, and by some - I mean a lot of, breeding behaviour was going on, hence I found out the genders of my fish.

I've since had to separate Voodoo into her own tank. Poor love was getting really tired of being chased around by the boys. I was concerned for her health and was worried they might exhaust her to death with all the chasing.

At the moment, I'm a bit stuck at what to do. Voodoo is currently in the 70L tank until we can organise the 160L for her, most likely this weekend coming up. I feel sad for her though, Saffron and Voodoo have grown up together, we bought them home together on the same day, in the same bag!

I guess I have a few options.

1. Turn the 160L into a breeding tank for Voodoo and Saffron.

2. Get another FEMALE goldfish to share the 160L with Voodoo (but that won't be for some time yet, the newbie would have to go through quarantine etc as well)

3. Or.... I don't know? lol... I'm yet to do more research and seek help on fish forums.

My fiance and I are looking at upgrading eventually to a very large tank and hopefully by then we will have an equal male to female ratio!! (as in getting more female fish haha).

I will have to get updated photos / video of the fishlings. They are getting BIG! I was going through old photos and video and it's hard to believe they were ever so small. Their shapes have changed immensely as well, you can hardly tell they are the same fish.
Stay tuned.

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