Thursday, April 25, 2013

R.I.P Cydon

I mentioned in my last post that my fiance and I had an Oranda goldie in quarantine. Unfortunately Cydon passed away on the 16th of March. It turned out that he had a vicious case of columnaris - a very aggressive fish disease.

R.I.P Cydon
Passed: 16th March 2013

When I got him I noticed a small pink blemish on his lip but thought nothing of it really, I figured he might have bumped himself on something or whatever.

Unfortunately, as you can see below, it developed into this and started eating his face away really quickly. The photos below were over 3 days. We salt bathed him and even got some antibiotics for him but sadly he didn't pull through.

The day he past, we buried him in our backyard then purchased some plants and mulch to make a garden for him. This is Cydon's Garden....

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