Monday, November 18, 2013


Ok, so I tried moving my blog ages ago. I did, but then did nothing with it. So I'm back here!! Yay :D

Things are going well!! It's been over a year now that the tanks have been going and we've added 4 fish to our family and moved my 9 year old, now 10 year old, not longer very gold - goldfish Cosmos into the house.

I must mention we did also have the addition of Cydon, the red capped oranda and also two panda goldfish, sadly all of which never made it out of quarantine =(

So, what's new? Not much, the fish - Cosmos, Voodoo, Saffron, Opus and Astral are all so big now! I've uploaded the photos of my goldfish journey to flickr - aquaoasisaquarium feel free to check it out and see the progress of my lil finsters growth :)

For example: Saffron and Voodoo, the first additions (besides Cosmos), check out their growth!!! Their shapes have completely changed!! Click to enlarge...

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