Sunday, March 10, 2013

Much news!

Well, the 220L tank has been set-up for some time now. Today we added some black sand substrate as well as some of the live plants we've been growing. Below is a picture of it. The water is a bit murky due to the newly added sand, I'm looking forward to it settling. The reason we changed it was because Voodoo seemed to really enjoy sucking up the gravel/small stones, but the thing is he has gotten to the size that he could fit some of them in his mouth and I was worried it would only be a matter of time before he got one jammed!

Opus is growing fast! He has a little belly now!!! It's so cute haha... The photo below doesn't do it justice - It's just one I liked of him that I took today.

And here is one of Voodoo ^_^

 A big welcome to the family - Astral! Astral has been in quarantine for sometime. Last weekend we tried introducing him to Cosmos, however Cosmos didn't seem to like that idea one bit and became a bit mean. Luckily we have enough tanks that Astral can have his own for now until maybe we get him a friend? We shall see! I absolutely love Astral's fins!!

A few weeks after Astral finish his quarantine we have another fish in quarantine. He's an Oranda. The wen on his head is what made us think down the line of royalty and hence spin off name "Cyden" from Poseidon. I will get photos of Cyden once he finishes quarantine, he seems to be having issues with his mouth. I think it might be the case of mouth fungus? But I'm not 100% sure yet.

Oh! and check out the photo album page as I've updated it with new pictures!!