Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nitrites Appear, Cosmos and Gel Food

So it looks like there was a slight reading of Nitrites for my 100L tank when I did the parameter tests yesterday!! Ammonia is still at 4.0 ppm and Nitrites looked like they were between 0 - 0.25 ppm, Nitrates at 0 still but hey, looks like things are on there way. Slowly but surely.

Below is a picture of what the 70L tank Cosmos is in looks like at the moment. I added some more fake plans and such. Especially near and behind the filter head mainly. I did this because he was getting in the habit of swimming behind the filter head with some force (Cossi is a strong swimmer). He manage to lose a scale the other day. It flared up a little yesterday but today you can barely tell he did anything to himself. It's healing really well.

I also ended up making a batch of Goldfish Gel Food. If you are interested there is a absolute load of recipes for this online. With me being not the best of cooks, found a fairly simple one and changed it a little to suit the ingredients I could get a hold of. Below is a picture of the Gel Food setting in my fridge. Luckily it didn't work out too bad haha! Cosmos eats every morsel when I feed him bits. I have also fed him Bloodworms which he seems to enjoy as well.

The next time I do Gel Food I think I will stick spot on to a recipe. My Gel could have been a lot more gel-like.

Oh! and to finish this post off. Here is another video of Cosmos swimming around in his tank from the other week...

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