Thursday, January 24, 2013

Growing fast!

Happy New Year! It's been just over a month since we bought home Saffron and Voodoo and they have already grown so much. They are starting to get fat little bodies on them now, so cute!

Saf' almost doesn't look like the same fish! (Compared to the photos from when we first got him).

Voodoo was a bit camera shy tonight, I couldn't get a good shot of his growth. He looks really grumpy at me here.

Cosmos is still trucking along, and I am happy to report that he no longer floats upside down due to his swim-bladder disorder. He still has floating issues but... right-way-up only now =)

This skeleton ornament was Cosmos's Christmas present from some of our family haha. It's awesome, seems to suit Cos' as well, in a cheating death kind of way.

Lastly here is Saffi in the log ornament I've put back into their tank. I can think of him saying "Ah! you found me!" that or he's just really shocked to see me... haha.

Other than that, my fiance and I may be looking at upgrading / getting another tank soon!! Depending if our local pet shop has a sale on.